Meet The


Company Manager

Ryan Garson

Assistant Company Manager

Alyssa V Gomez

Production Stage Manager

Jeff Norman

Stage Manager

Dawn Fenton

Assistant Stage Managers

Matt Schreiber

Xavier Khan

Resident Director

Abbey O’Brien

Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Chloe Beck

Covid Compliance Manager

Rantea Thompson

Assistant Covid Compliance Manager *with us only for L.A.*

Tristan J Shuler

House Seat & Guest Services Coordinator

Kerry Candeloro

Wardrobe Supervisor

Michael D Hannah

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisors

Stephanie Sweigard

Meredith Scott

Advance Wardrobe

Risa Ono

Hair and Makeup Supervisor

Tereza Cordeiro

Assistant Hair and Makeup Supervisor

Mark "Boots" Bennett

Head Carpenter

Elan Bustin

Assistant Carpenter

Schuyler Woods

Deck Automation

Matt Brown


JJ Jordan

Advance Carpenter / Swing

Brooke Carlson

Advance Carpenter FOH

TJ King

Head Electrician

Erik Plath

Assistant Electrician

Kurt Krohne

Assistant Electrician / Spot

Kevin Zegan

Advance Electrician & Sound / Swing

Michelle Reiss

Sound Engineer / A1

Walter “Wes” Shaffer

Assistant Sound Engineer / A2

Keith Monaghan

Head Props

Andrew Iverson

Assistant Props

Jena Kerr

Physical Therapy

NeuroTour, LLC

Physical Therapist

Natalie Farah


Mollie Turner